New Asus ZenWatch Might Offer a 7-Day Battery Life

The market is overflowing with wearable devices right now, and smartwatches seem to be the most popular among them. They can be used for a number of things and offer different functions and designs, but their biggest flaw has to be their battery life. However, according to Jonney Shih, CEO of Asus, this might change in the future, because the companies next smartwatch might work for a week on a single charge.

First-gen Asus ZenWatch

Like most smartwaches, the first-gen ZenWatch only lasts a day or two on a single charge, but Asus is already working on fixing this problem. Shih says that a more simplified OS and a better processor might solve this problem. The ZenWatch is defined by us as a companion to a smartphone, and we think it still has a lot of room for improvement. As a companion device, its central processing unit and operating system should be more simplified than the current version, so that I can use it for up to seven days on one charge, rather than for just two days, said Shih.

Whether Asus will go through with this or not remains to be seen, as well as which OS they will go for, but it’s without a doubt a great idea. The second-gen ZenWatch should arrive in Q3 of 2015, so we won’t have to wait too long to see what it will be like. Rumour has it that the watch will feature a SIM card of its own and phone functions.