New iPad Smart Covers to Have Live Illuminated Alerts

It seems that Apple is planning to make its iPad Smart Covers more user-friendly this time around – the company has apparently filed a patent that was published by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) yesterday.

Apple's Smart Covers

Apple is planning to release new Smart Covers with live illuminated alerts.

The new iPad Smart Covers might come with some sort of an illuminated display, which would alert you of a number of things, such as incoming emails, messages and more, via coloured LED lights. The alerts would appear on the face and/or inside flaps of the Smart Covers.

In addition to displaying messages, the LEDs can be illuminated in a manner that forms human readable symbols, such as for example an envelope image signifying receipt of an email, or even a thundercloud signifying approach of an imminent storm.

iPad Smart Covers patent

Apple’s patent for the new Smart Covers.

Apple is yet to go into detail about what the covers would be used for exactly and it’s still unknown whether these new covers will come with built-in notifications.

The iPad Smart Cover includes at least the following: (1) a flexible flap having a size and shape in accordance with the display of the host device, the flexible flap having both a first and second surface; (2) a number of illumination elements disposed across the flap in a first pattern; and (3) a connector configured to receive electrical power from an electrical distribution system of the host device and a control signal from a processor of the host device. The received control signal directs selected ones of the illumination elements to coordinate with each other to provide an illumination state.

Rumour also has it that Apple might release the new iPad Air this year.