The Nillkin Phantom: A Wireless Charger and a LED Lamp in One!

Wireless chargers are all the rage now – they allow you to power up your device without all those messy cables lying around. It’s simple, it’s easy, and all you have to is check whether your device can support wireless charging.

Qi Wireless Charger

Today we’ve picked out an unusual looking Nillkin charger that will add a touch of something unique to your living space, as well as charge up your phone. There’s one more thing you should know about it – it comes with a built-in LED lamp!

The Phantom Qi Wireless Charger: Better and Brighter

Nillkin Phantom Qi Wireless Charger

With a simple, yet elegant horn design, the Nillkin Phantom Qi Wireless Charger is definitely a gadget you will want in your home. You can place it anywhere you want, on any surface, and start charging your Qi compatible handset. A magic ring is there to indicate the charging status, and you can be sure that your phone won’t overheat because there is a smart overheat protection. And of course, the bright LED lamp will allow you to enjoy your bedtime reading, with your phone charging safely beside you.

Before purchasing this item, we advise you to check whether your device support Qi wireless charging. If it doesn’t you will have to buy a wireless charging receiver along with it.