Phones to Look Forward to at the Mobile World Congress 2016

The Mobile World Congress is definitely the biggest event of the year for all the up and coming smartphones, tablets, and wearables, and the MWC 2016 should be more than exciting for the world of tech. The show officially kicks off on the 22nd of February and closes on the 25th, but some companies – including Samsung and LG – will reveal their new devices a day earlier. So, let’s take a quick look at what we can expect from our favourite mobile phone manufacturers starting Sunday.


Samsung Unpacked 2016 Invite

The Galaxy S7 will obviously be the star of the entire show, along with its curved sibling, the Galaxy S7 Edge. We’ve heard that the design of the phones won’t change at all, but that they will be waterproof and offer wireless charging. Samsung will unveil its handsets at 7PM on the 21st of February, in Barcelona.


LG G5 always-on display

The much-awaited LG G5 will make an appearance at 2PM (before Samsung) on Sunday, as well, and it’s said that this phone will be the main rival of the iPhone 6s. The G5 will come with an “always-on” display (notifications, time, and date will appear on your screen even when the handset is in sleep mode) and possibly modular design dubbed Magic Slot. Aside from the G5, the company will reveal two more affordable devices – the X cam and X screen.


The back of the Huawei P9

We are still uncertain of what exactly Huawei will show off during the MWC. The Huawei P9 is on the way, sure, but rumour has it that it won’t be unveiled during the company’s conference on Sunday, which has been scheduled for the same time as LG’s. Whatever Huawei reveals will have to be a lot more impressive than the LG G5 in order to get the necessary attention.

Sony and HTC

Given the fact that the Xperia Z5 family is relatively new, we doubt that Sony will show off any new handsets during the MWC. However, there’s a chance that the SmartWatch 3 and the Xperia Tablet Compact will get an update – we’ll find out more on Monday, at 9AM.

Sony's booth at the Mobile World Congress

HTC won’t launch any new phones either this time around, seeing that the One M9 wasn’t such a big hit when it came out. We’ve heard rumours that the HTC One M10 is in the works, but we probably won’t get to see it at the MWC. Instead, the company will focus on its Vive VR headset the next week and most likely launch the M10 sometime in April.

Which phone are you looking forward to the most?