Protect You iPad Air with These Covers

The iPad Air was presented in 2013 as a new tablet that replaced the iPad 4 Retina. This particular tablet is really light and thin – 29% lighter and 20% thinner than its predecessor. Like all other devices, it should be protected, which is why we decided to post some of the most popular covers from our shop for the iPad Air. :)

Four-Fold Smart Covers

iPad Air Four-Fold covers

Four-Fold covers

Four-Fold Smart covers are made of high quality PU leather and present both a very practical and a stylish protective solution for our tablet. They come in several colours (blue, green, orange, black, dark and light grey, purple, red, etc.) and protect both the back and the front of the tablet.

When you open the front flap, your iPad wakes up instantly and it goes into the sleep mode when you close it. The cover can be folded so you get a handy stand for viewing media or FaceTime. Since the cover is very light , it adds no extra weight to the iPad Air.

Griffin Survivor Case

iPad Air Griffin Survivor Case

Survivor cases

Griffin is known for its tough Survivor products. This case is not called the Griffin Survivor Case for no reason: it is sturdy and durable and protects your iPad Air from everyday wear and tear. This case is tested to meet all the conditions outlined in the US Department of Defense MIL-STD-810, which means that your iPad Air is protected from wind and rain, bumps and drops (test: drop on a flat concrete surface from 1.8 m) and the sealed ports keep sand and dust away from your device.

Crystal Covers

Crystal covers for the iPad Air

Crystal covers

iPad Air Crystal covers are very popular because of their reasonable price, but not just because of that. These covers come in several colours and are very light, so it’s convenient to have one of them protecting your iPad at all times. They fit perfectly to the tablet and give you full access to all functions and it’s really easy remove them, thanks to the simple snap-on design.