Roswheel Bicycle Case: Cycle Without a Care

Summer is here and most of us usually spend all of our free time outdoors. Whether you like jogging, taking walks or cycling, one thing is certain – you always want to have your smartphone with you. :)

Roswheel Bike Case

You can get this case at the price of 16,30 euros. :)

Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise and if you want to start riding your bike on a daily basis, it is important to think about where you’re going to store your mobile phone while you’re out and about. If you put it in your backpack, you won’t be able to answer calls, and if it’s in your pocket, it will be more difficult to cycle, especially if you own a smartphone with a large screen. Thankfully, there are accessories that can keep your phone both protected and at hand at all times. One of them is the Roswheel Bicycle Case.

Roswheel 12813-A Bicycle Case

Protect your phone when you go cycling!

The Roswheel 12813-A bike case is compatible with a number of smartphones (Android, iOS and WP) whose screen size measures up to 5 inches. The case is made of durable material (dacron and PU) and thanks to the transparent PVC front, it is possible to use your phone’s touchscreen without taking the phone out of it. This way, you can read texts or answer all your calls with ease while you’re cycling. You can also store keys, tools, maps, mini cameras etc. within this case, which means that all of your essentials always travel with you.

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