Safety First: A Car Holder for Your Phone

Steady during all car rides!

Mobile Phone Car Holder

Having a car holder in your vehicle not only keeps your phone safe, but also allows you to see the screen of your device at a perfect angle at all times. So, if you are used to spending a lot of time in your car, it would not be such a bad idea to invest into a car holder. :)

2 in 1 Universal Car Holder Kit

This particular car holder is easy to mount on the windshield and other flat surfaces of your car, and you don’t need to use any additional tools. It comes with adjustable clamps and a flexible gooseneck stand that keeps your device steady during car rides.

Universal Car Holder

This holder is compatible with most mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs (width from 45mm to 120mm), while the gooseneck stand absorbs vibration, and provides you with a stable view of your phone’s screen.

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