Samsung Planning a New Series of Smartphones

A couple of days ago, we learned that Samsung has a device codenamed Project Zero in the works. If the rumours are to be believed, this handset in question is probably the Samsung Galaxy S6, which will be completely redesigned and different than the Galaxy S5. Today we’ve learned that the South Korean giant will soon launch a new series of smartphones.

Galaxy S5 Smartphone

According to a report from SamMobile, Samsung is getting ready to introduce a new smartphone range, that will feature a “single letter naming convention” – much like the Galaxy A series (recently released A3 and A5). Aside from this, there aren’t that many details on this new batch of smartphones.

Samsung is one of the most popular manufacturers in the world, and has launched the largest number of Android handsets so far – more than 100 different models since 2009.

We’re definitely excited to see both the Galaxy S6 and these new phones, but what about you? :)