New Tech to Extend Your Smartphone’s Lifespan

The thing is—we know smartphones (and the bulk of other digital devices) have lately been designed to, well, not exactly last you a lifetime. We know that. And it’s not like we initially care. Getting a brand new phone is always exciting and at first, at least, you get exactly what you paid for; your gadget is fast and shiny and the battery promises to work forever. Except it inevitably doesn’t. Due to constant writing and deleting of data and the fact batteries lose charge over time, you end up having to change your phone approximately every 1 to 2 years. All right but what if that might not be the case anymore?

Revolutionary Smartphone Tech

Prolonged smartphone battery life

Apparently, researchers at the Hanyang University in South Korea have announced that they’ve come up with a piece of tech whose aim is to prolong the speed and lifespan of your cherished device. This mode is called WALDIO (Write Ahead Logging Direct IO) and it should make your smartphone write as little data as possible and only when absolutely necessary. So, as your phone only uses data when needed, the life of other components gets preserved, as well.

Increased Phone Life Expectancy: Yay or Nay?

Longer battery life in the future

According to Professor You-jip Won, this technology would increase the speed of your device by 20 times, while simultaneously extending its battery life expectancy by 39%. Still, do phone manufacturers really want their phones to last that long? They probably don’t really hate the idea of you buying a new product ever 12 to 24 months, do they?

So that’s a whole other story we won’t be getting into at this point. Knowing your phones might live longer in the future is quite enough. For now.