Get Fit for Summer with These Fitness Apps

People have a way of getting in this special mindset just before summer arrives: buy a new swimsuit, splash on the most effective sunscreen, get in shape real quick so swimming won’t be the hardest chore you’ve had to face all year. Once upon a smartphone-less time it would’ve been inevitable for you to join […]

Get Creative with 4 New Adobe Apps for Android

Artistically-inclined Android users rejoice: a Photoshop medley is coming to a smartphone near you! Namely, Adobe has launched 4 new Creative Cloud applications for Android entitled Photoshop Mix, Brush CC, Shape CC and Color CC. We hear you. It was about time. So, let’s review what you can expect from this creative Adobe potpourri, shall […]

Facebook Messenger’s First Game: Doodle Draw

So, Facebook Messenger. Talk about a pretty straightforward app. Sends messages, receives messages, lets you chat, gossip, make plans, share GIFs, sound, video clips and photos with friends and… that’s more or less that. At least, that’s what it’d been until the beginning of June. Now you can use the app to play games with […]

Introducing Periscope: The Newest Live Broadcasting App

With a wide range of vastly popular social networking apps that allow you to post all kinds of video content of any length — be it a quick 6-second Vine of a beat-boxing baby, 10 seconds of your best friend’s cat meowing in that particularly heart-warming way or a full-on Facebook video documenting your team of choice’s latest epic […]

Make Your Own Emoji with the Imoji App

Apple may have rolled out a bunch of new emoji symbols recently, but even with such diversity, you might feel like you need something more personal – an emoji that represents exactly how you feel. A character which is entirely your own. What if you could make one all by yourself? The good news is that you […]

Clear Removes Offensive Posts from Your Social Media Accounts

If you have a social media account (and most of us do), then you’ve probably posted something you regretted later on in your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram lifetime. Whether it’s an offensive tweet, a mean Facebook status, or an inappropriate photo, it’s out there for everyone to see and talk about. Of course, you can remove the said […]

iMathematics Pro App for iOS: Maths Made Easy

There’s an app for everything nowadays, so why shouldn’t there be one to help you study mathematics with more ease? If you want to have various mathematical definitions and theorems at the tips of your fingers at all times, then you might want to download the iMathematics Pro app. With clear and simple explanations, iMathematics […]