4 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Android Smartphone

If you’re an Android phone owner, then you’re familiar with tons of built-in apps that you use on a daily basis. And they’re mostly fine. Solid, even. However, if you’re not easily satisfied with ‘fine’ or ‘solid’, you’ll be pleased to learn there’s a way to quickly improve the most basic of your OS’s features, […]

Top 3 Fun and Handy Apps to Shake Things Up

Feel like you’re slowly getting tired of the (few) (dozen) apps you use on a daily basis? If your answer is at least ‘some of them, I guess’ or a plain and straight-forward ‘yes, I’m in severe need of change, help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope’, then feel free to check out these […]

Top 3 Smartphone Widgets to Make Your Life Easier

To start off—no one’s saying you need to overstuff your phone with widgets, but placing a few nifty little buggers on your home or lock screen can make your life significantly easier. No matter if you’re entirely new to this concept or you’re already a long-time widget consumer, we recommend you check out these three handy widgets we’ve picked out […]

MTP Picks: Top 4 Nifty Back-to-school Apps

So, you’ve had a full summer—you’ve been to the beach, you’ve travelled around for a bit, maybe backpacked across Europe, you’ve chilled next to the city pool, you’ve gone shopping, danced with your girlfriends, played your favourite video games and worn as little clothing as possible while lounging around the house. Why? Because you could […]