How to Unsend an Email in Gmail

Let us be frank for a second (yes, even you, Bob)—we’ve all been there. You write half an email and push send before you have the time to gasp: “But I didn’t even get to the point!” Too late, your boss is already reading your incoherent message wondering what the heck “I will be abs-” […]

iOS Tips: How to Recover Data from Your iDevice

Losing important data on our phones, tablets, and computers happens on a daily basis. Whether you deleted files by accident or someone stole your iPhone, the most important thing is not to panic. It’s not the end of the world, and thanks to iPhone Data Recovery, you can get your data back safely. iPhone Data […]

How to Disable iCloud on Your Apple Devices

iCloud is useful, sure – it allows you to put all of your photos and videos into your virtual “cloud” storage, and keeps them there safe. However, some of Apple’s devices do this automatically, and not everyone wants that (think of celebrities and their pics), which is why today we’ll explain how to disable iCloud […]