iOS 8 Tips: Add Speed-Dial to Your Notification Centre

Apple’s new iOS 8 comes with a number of improvements and innovations, and among other things, it’s easier than ever to access your favourite and recent contacts. Instead of going to your Contacts app and searching for a certain number there, you can just do the following: 1. Double tap on the Home button. 2. […]

Apple Launches the Activation Lock Check Tool

There’s no use in denying it – Apple’s devices are some of the most popular gadgets in the world, but also some of the most expensive ones. With this mind, many users turn to obtaining iPhones and iPads through unofficial channels, rather than Apple’s retail stores, because they offer better prices. However, buying an iOS device at a more affordable […]

iPhone 5: Take a Photo and Record a Video at the Same Time

Nowadays, we use our mobile phones to record some of the most important moments in our lives, such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, family holidays, etc. It’s probably happened to you more than once that you started shooting a video of your child being adorable, or your friend doing something funny, and you wished you could […]