Tech Logos with Hidden Messages

What are they hiding?

1) Cisco
Based in San Francisco, Cisco has found a way to pay a tribute to the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Cisco Company Logo

2) LG
L and G form a happy face – the company strives to make its customers happy with a range of great products.

LG Company Logo

3) Wikipedia
The globe in the picture, composed of pieces, is unfinished, and suggests how the search for new information is infinite.


4) Sony Vaio
If you take a closer look, you will see the analog and the digital waveform!

Vaio Logo

5) Beats
All Beats headphones and headsets have a ‘B’ in the centre of the red circle, positioned in such a way that the logo represents a person wearing headphones.

Beats Logo

What do you think of these? :)