The Light Phone Only Lets You Make and Receive Calls

The positive side of smartphones? We can use them for almost anything: calling, texting, Web browsing, taking photos and videos, reading books, listening to music, etc. The negative side? You see more and more people walking around with their faces buried in their phones. Remember the time when you could only use your phone for basic functions, a.k.a texting and calling? Or when you couldn’t be reached by anyone? Well, the creators of the Light Phone do.

Light Phone KickStarter

Calls Only: Simple and Easy

The Light Phone is a device the size of a credit card that you can use to either make or receive calls. That’s all. Not even texting. The folks behind the Light Phone wanted to create a device which does not distract phone users from their daily lives, but only serves as a communications tool.

The Light Phone

The Light Phone can be connected to your regular handset, meaning that you can forward calls to it, and in case your smartphone dies out on you, the Light Phone will provide you with 500 mintues of talktime.

‚ÄúPrior to having a phone, I loved the excuse of being unreachable by my parents when I would be out. I found solitude incredibly therapeutic. And when I did go out for the day, my phone would usually die and I loved that. I used to joke about how freeing it was: no idea what time it was, no guilt of not answering or waiting for a reply,” says Joe Hollier, one of the Light Phone’s creators.

The Light Phone might appear funny to you, but the idea behind it is great: leave your personal computers for a while (i.e. phones), and start interacting more with others or devote more time to yourself. If you like this project, you can head over to its official KickStarter page.