Get Fit for Summer with These Fitness Apps

People have a way of getting in this special mindset just before summer arrives: buy a new swimsuit, splash on the most effective sunscreen, get in shape real quick so swimming won’t be the hardest chore you’ve had to face all year. Once upon a smartphone-less time it would’ve been inevitable for you to join the local gym or start pilates-ing your rear end off in the company of at least 15 other women in a stuffy room in order to achieve that goal. Today there’s a much easier way to shape up and it’s called an app.

You all know there’s an application for virtually everything. And if there isn’t one yet—rest assured there will be. Thankfully, there’s about hundreds (thousands?) of different fitness apps that you can turn to if you wish to look and feel your best for the oncoming season of bare shoulders and short dresses. And in case choosing is not your strongest suit and you’d much rather prefer a friendly recommendation, you’re in luck ’cause we’re ready to share our top 3 picks with you. :)

Walk, Track, Boast

Endomondo fitness app

First something for those who like to track their steps and progress at all times. Endomondo calculates a plan based on your fitness test answers and, using GPS, monitors your activities—from walking to running to riding. It motivates you by cheering you on, alerting you if you’re about to break your personal record or telling you to speed it up a bit. The app also allows you to challenge friends to various activities, give and receive pep talks and share your progress on social networks (or, you know, brag about it).

Seven Hilarious Minutes in Hell

CARROT Fit application

We’ve come across dozens of truly ace fitness apps on our quest to the one we’d introduce you to, but none of them made us laugh as hard as CARROT Fit did. Advertized as “your judgmental fitness overlord” you can tell right off the bat that the road to perfection won’t be easy, but at least you’ll be entertained. As you get sassed throughout the app’s seven-minute workouts, you’ll probably be giggling so hard that you won’t even realize the exercise is almost done. Especially with names like “dragon mating dance” instead of the traditional and uninspiring “push up into a side plank” term. The iOS app isn’t free, however, but you’ll find it’s worth it.

Merge Health and Necessity with the HealthyOut App

HealthyOut app

Final stop (or more accurately first and every stop in between)—eating healthy! Most of us have been in that hellish rift between having to eat out (during lunch breaks mostly) and really wishing we could get our hands on a tasty cooked meal as we would at home. Enter HealthyOut, a free app for both iOS and Android (but sadly only available in the US for now), which can show you a whole new world of healthy lifestyle possibilities. Just grab your smartphone, type in your location and dietary preferences (Italian? Gluten-free? Vegan? High-protein? Not a salad? Done and done!) and proceed towards the recommended restaurant knowing you’ve made a healthy choice. Your body and mind will be grateful.

All right, your turn: which fitness apps would you like to suggest to us? :)