Top 3 Smartphone Widgets to Make Your Life Easier

To start off—no one’s saying you need to overstuff your phone with widgets, but placing a few nifty little buggers on your home or lock screen can make your life significantly easier. No matter if you’re entirely new to this concept or you’re already a long-time widget consumer, we recommend you check out these three handy widgets we’ve picked out for your convenience and prepare to have useful info at your disposal at all times.

1. Battery HD Widget: Keep Tabs on Battery Life

Battery HD widget

D’you like to keep an eye on your phone’s battery life? Once you add this widget you’ll be able to always keep track of those rogue apps that constantly drain your battery, be informed about current battery consumption and monitor how many minutes or hours you have left with all the apps and tasks you have running. Basically, if you’re tired of feeling surprised, shocked and not to mention betrayed that your phone’s suddenly dying out on you at the most inconvenient of times, Battery HD is the ideal widget for you.

2. Never Miss a Single Notification with DashClock

DashClock widget

Nothing too fancy or complicated—simply a widget that lets you keep all the vital info right where it should be: on your lock screen. That means there’s no need to unlock your phone to see whose phone call you’ve missed (it’s just not the same if it’s your vet calling to let you know your kitty’s gonna be fine once the rash has cleared out or if it’s the creepy uncle on your mother’s side phoning to drain the life out of you with another one of his supremely disquieting stories, is it), if that text message was from your all-day-long absent boyfriend or if the highly important meeting that could change the course of your career has been postponed for 4 or 5pm this afternoon—DashClock has ensured it’s all right there before your very eyes.

3. 1Weather: A Forecast Radar in Widget Form

1Weather widget

If you’re a widget connoisseur, you probably already have a weather app glued to your screen. Still, there’s always room for improvement and who knows, perhaps it’s time to replace your old widget with 1Weather. This application lets you choose between six home screen options, gives you all the essential info on your local weather (like temperature, precipitation forecast, Doppler radar and even the current phases of the sun and moon!), allows you to customize and personalize the way you’ll be receiving the data and select between light, dark or “live weather” backgrounds.

So, that’s battery life, phone notifications and weather info covered. Think there are some more important and/or useful widgets out there? Don’t hesitate to let us know. :)