Valentine’s Day Sale: Prepare for the Most Romantic Day of the Year

If your better half is a fan of stylish accessories and interesting gadgets, then you are going to find our special category with Valentine’s Day gifts really useful! :)

Valentine's Day Sale

Unique Valentine’s Day Sets: For You and Them

The first step is the hardest – figure what it is that your loved one would like the best or needs the most. Is it a case for his or hers phone? Or perhaps a great pair of headphones to listen to their favourite songs? Luckily, MyTrendyPhone has prepared a number of products for you, which come in sets, so you can two products at really special prices!

Valentine's Day Offer

From love-themed cases and armbands, to quality headphones and iPods – we have got you covered! The red hearts above the products indicate how much you can save up during this sale, and you can get up to 30% off! So, start looking and choose that perfect gift. :)

Another Surprise: Use the Code VD20

If you use the code VD20 in the period between February 7 and 14, you will get a special 20% discount on products under 135 EUR. Don’t forget, you cannot use this discount with the products in our Valentine’s Day category. :)