Vessyl Tells You How Much Calories Your Drink Has

From smartwatches and smartbands, to sprayable sleep and smart pacifiers, the world is full of cool, interesting, and useful gadgets at the moment. Joining the bunch is a smart cup from the Mark One company (San Francisco) called Vessyl.

What Does Vessyl Do?


It tells you what you are drinking, how much calories your drink has, whether you are hydrated or not, and if it’s time to drink again. When you pour in your drink of choice, the cup recognizes the liquid (from a catalogue of thousand drinks) and shows you how hydrated you are via a vertical line (Pryme) when tilted.

Vessyl Hydration

Vessyl is made of a glass-like material and can hold 385ml of liquid. Its lid prevents your drink from escaping the cup, and its interior is non-stick, which means that it should be really easy to clean. How does it work? We know that there is a computing power under the surface, but how it works exactly remains a well-kept secret by Mark One.

Seven Days on a Single Charge

Vessyl comes with a supplied wireless charger, and its battery lasts from five to seven days on an one-hour charge. The device also connects to both iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth, which means that you can get more info about what you are drinking on your phone.

You’ll be able to get Vessyl in three colours in early 2015, at the price of $119 (105 euros), and you can pre-order it at Vessyl’s website at the price of $99 (87 euros). You can read about it more there.